Sanitizing /Disinfecting Services

Our facilities maintenance team can sanitize or disinfect your building using a EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant. We several different methods to apply our product but our main application involves using a foggier to cover large areas quickly. Our disinfectant is so safe our crew doesn't have to wear PPE (Personal protective equipment) and this can be used on food contact surfaces and even on children's toys.

Offices, stores, schools, daycare's, jails, gyms, restaurants, churches and many other commercial properties are all areas where germs like to accumulate. Where there are people, there are germs! Our process helps to mitigate that risk in commercial properties.  Our disinfectant can safely eliminate a wide variety of the germs it comes in contact with!

Effective Against:

  • Norovirus (Stomach bug)

  • Flu viruses

  • MRSA

  • Salmonella

  • E Coli

  • Rotovirus

  • And many more.......

  • Covid-19 (Coronavirus) (No product has been tested against the current Covaid-19 virus but if the product can eliminate stronger viruses it is considered effective against coronavirus. Since our product can eliminate Norovirus it is considered effective against it).


Our disinfectant is food contact safe, non corrosive, no rinse formula and can be used in sensitive areas. . It is also a highly effective deodorizer.


  • Sanitizing service (Reduces germs)

  • Disinfecting service (Eliminates germs)

  • Pre Cleaning when needed

  • Recurring service to maintain property hygiene

  • Outbreak disinfecting service

  • Odor elimination

  • Supply & install sanitizing dispensers at key points.

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